Migraine needs Innovation

The aim of this project is to be a hub for innovation in migraine, to encourage more researchers and companies to focus on migraine, and to give migraine patients access to information on new tools, treatments and research to empower them to live better lives.

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Interview with electroCore about gammaCore Sapphire

We were lucky to get an interview with electroCore, a company which makes a vagus nerve stimulation device that is cleared for migraine. Their device, the gammaCore Sapphire is one of the devices that we are excited about as a non-pharmacological method for treating migraine attacks. – Grace from Innovation in Migraine What is theContinue reading “Interview with electroCore about gammaCore Sapphire”

Interview with Neurolief about Relivion: Release set for late 2021

We are very excited to be interviewing Neurolief about Relivion, a device that has recently received FDA clearance and is yet to be rolled out to treat migraine. Relivion is a neuromodulation system which is something that we at Innovation in Migraine see as an extremely interesting path for the treatment of migraine – readContinue reading “Interview with Neurolief about Relivion: Release set for late 2021”

If you are a researcher, innovator, or evidence based product creator in migraine and would like to be interviewed, please get in touch