Interview with Avulux

Here at Innovation in Migraine we are very excited to kick off our interviews with companies and researchers working in migraine with Avulux – a company that is focused on how light can trigger and worsen migraine attacks and can provide relief to patients with their patented technology.

1. What is Avulux?

“Avulux Glasses were made to help people with light sensitivity and migraine live a more normal life. The Avulux Lens for Migraine & Light Sensitivity is a medical grade multi-band precision optical filter made with a patented and proprietary nano-molecular technology. Avulux has been classified as a Class I Medical Device in Canada, the U.K., and the E.U. after showing efficacy through independent clinical trials in reducing migraine pain, relieving light sensitivity, and helping migraine subjects continue with their activities of daily living.”

2. How does it work?

“Unlike any other lens on the market, Avulux glasses precisely align with the most recent research that has shown that light can trigger migraine attacks, increase head pain, and increase pain and irritation in those with photophobia. Avulux filters up to 97% of those most painful, clinically-identified wavelengths of light in the blue, amber, and red light spectrum while allowing in sufficient soothing green light. There’s a fine balance of light filtered versus let in. Avulux’s unique properties allow for high filtration of painful light without causing dark adaptation. Avulux glasses also do not distort the wearer’s color perception, so they’re comfortable and can be worn continuously, either indoors or outdoors (they also block 100% of UV light).”

3. Can you share some information on the efficacy of Avulux?

“Through both our real world experience studies and clinical trials, Avulux has shown efficacy in relieving light sensitivity between migraine attacks and during migraine attacks, in addition to reducing migraine pain, and the impact of migraine on one’s activities of daily living. 90% of subjects wearing Avulux found relief enough to continue with their activities of daily living. 74% of those found they were able to reduce or eliminate their usual use of migraine medication to manage their symptoms. 38% found their migraine attacks did not progress into full-blown attacks when Avulux was worn at the first onset of migraine symptoms.”

“74% of those found they were able to reduce or eliminate their usual use of migraine medication to manage their symptoms.”

4. How is Avulux innovative?

“Up until Avulux was created, the available options on the market to treat and prevent light driven pain and irritation in people with photophobia and migraine were anecdotal solutions and treatments aimed at other underlying conditions. Within the last 10 years, there have been countless additional studies on how our environment, and how light specifically, can affect people with migraine and/or photophobia. Avulux is a product of much of that scientific research and it best aligns with the most recent significant research pointing to several culprit wavelengths of light that cause maximal pain, irritation, and migraine episodes. Avulux’s innovation comes from the success we’ve had in accurately and effectively creating an optical filter that can remove up to 97% of that most painful light, while allowing in the clinically identified soothing green wavelengths of light – all without distorting the wearer’s color perception nor causing chronic dark adaptation. The lens was created from the ground up. While it may be difficult to observe that technology on the surface, its benefits and the comfort and calm the lenses bring to one’s eyes (and head) is more easily understood once the glasses are worn.”

5. What is Avulux’s vision for people living with migraine?

“Our vision is to provide an effective treatment to the migraine community without sacrifice. No side effects, no recurring costs, no tolerance buildup, not even a sacrifice to style or quality of life. We believe we’ve achieved that with the Avulux glasses. We hope that Avulux can bring these benefits to many and hope to see additional non-invasive treatments evolve from the vigorous migraine research performed in the past decade.”

6. What other innovations or research in migraine are you really excited about at the moment?

“We’re most excited about the research surrounding light. A 2019 survey of over 6,000 patients found that nearly 50% of them labeled light sensitivity (photophobia) as their #1 most bothersome symptom. 30-60% of migraine attacks are triggered by light and 40% of people with migraine experience photophobia between migraine attacks. Crafting a better scientific understanding of how our environment can contribute to pain and debility can better equip physicians in helping their patients through non-pharmacologic means. Pain is often the primary concern when it comes to migraine treatments, what the scientific community is now coming to see is that it may be as important to understand how our environment affects those most sensitive. What we hope to see is that this research makes an impact on the workplace and encourages, or requires, employers to provide employees, with conditions rendering them sensitive to their environments, the accommodations they deserve.”

“A 2019 survey of over 6,000 patients found that nearly 50% of them labeled light sensitivity (photophobia) as their #1 most bothersome symptom.”

7. If you could share one message about migraine to the wider community, what would it be?

“Unless someone has experienced a migraine attack themselves, or has had to share their immediate world with a person living with migraine, it is very difficult for them to understand how debilitating a migraine attack truly is, and how negatively it can impact simple life events. Fortunately, there’s an increasing awareness of the impact of migraine both in the workplace and in performing simple activities of daily living. We see that society is trending towards taking proactive health measures, and we’ve already seen some success in achieving visibility of an otherwise invisible illness. More importantly, there has been a large acceleration in migraine research over the last decade. While there is no migraine cure at present, there are companies like ours who made it their mission to help the migraine community live a more normal and comfortable life. The future is much brighter today, and with greater awareness, we are confident that the best is yet to come.”

We’d like to sincerely thank Avulux for taking the time to be interviewed for Innovation with Migraine. We also believe that the future for people with migraine is bright, thanks to people and companies like Avulux who are researching and creating new solutions to make life better for people with migraine.

We would like to disclose that Grace did receive a discount on a pair of Avulux glasses in exchange for an unbiased review. Grace has found that the Avulux glasses have been a great asset when photophobia is an issue, and have significantly reduced the pain she was experiencing after she put them on.

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