Ctrl M Health: Interview

We interviewed Caryn Seebach, PsyD, Director of Programs at Ctrl M Health to find out more about their evidence based program to help people manage their migraine. Ctrl M is a great example of how a multidisciplinary approach can be taken for migraine, which is something that we feel is overlooked by many clinicians when treating migraine (especially if they’re not migraine or headache specialists). – Grace, Founder of Innovation in Migraine

What does Ctrl M Health offer?

Ctrl M Health is a digital health company in partnership with the Jefferson Headache Center that helps people reduce their migraine symptoms through proven lifestyle changes. We do that in three ways:

  • Our Knowledge Portal, an online library of accurate, understandable, physician-reviewed articles about headache and migraine;
  • Our app, which provides a personalized plan of lifestyle habits for migraine wellness, all based in pain neuroscience and health psychology principles;
  • Our nutritional supplements, which were designed by headache specialists.
Image showing the core components of the Ctrl M Health Program

How does Ctrl M Health help people get in control of migraine?

Research shows that certain lifestyle changes (physical, emotional, and psychological) can reduce migraine symptoms up to 50%. But there’s a big gap between knowing that fact and being able to put it into practice. That’s where we come in. We take the overwhelm out of the process. We guide people through discovering and gradually implementing the behaviors that work for them and their migraine. We also help them sustain those new habits so they can maintain their migraine progress — and continue to improve — for the long term.

Can you talk about the evidence that this approach is effective?

It has been proven time and again that lifestyle changes improve migraine. It’s also been shown that a multi-modal approach — implementing more than one lifestyle change at the same time — helps that improvement even more. For references and journal articles we drew upon in developing the Ctrl M Health program, please see our research page. For references specific to nutritional support and migraine, we’ve included research pages on each of our supplement product pages.

Ctrl M Supplement bottles including B2, magnesium, melatonin and CoQ10.

How is Ctrl M Health innovative?

We fill a major unmet need in headache and migraine care: We are the tool that helps people in between their visits with their provider. 

The approach that’s been proven most effective for migraine is a “comprehensive” approach that includes medical AND behavioral components. Doctors are limited in their ability to help due to a lack of time and resources — leaving patients feeling frustrated. Your provider may give you a well-intentioned suggestion like “try seeing a psychologist” or “have you tried yoga” (which can feel like an oversimplification of the problem), but from there the burden is on the patient to figure it out. 

Our app is the first of its kind. It’s a centralized resource for lifestyle changes for migraine that helps you integrate healthy activities into your life, personalized for your needs. And since it literally fits into your pocket, it’s available whenever you need it.

What is Ctrl M Health’s vision for people living with migraine?

We aim to be a catalyzing force to democratize quality migraine care for all. We want to give everyone access to the specialized care they deserve.

We also seek to empower people with migraine so they have the confidence, resources, and experiences with success to improve their quality of life. Migraine has a way of making you feel helpless and out of control, as though your life is defined by migraine and its whims. We envision people regaining that sense of control. We see them making proactive changes that allow them to reclaim their lives and the expansiveness of their identities — not simply “migraineurs” but full-fledged people who also happen to have migraine disease. 

Images of the Ctrl M Health app

What other innovations or research in migraine are you really excited about at the moment?

Ours!!! The research study we’re most excited about right now is on the efficacy of Ctrl M Health. We’re in the process of starting an IRB-approved, two-phased pilot study that examines the benefits of our comprehensive program.

If you could share one message about migraine to the wider community, what would it be?

Every person with migraine has the ability to improve their quality of life with the right tools and support — and we aim to make sure you don’t have to go it alone.

Thank you for Caryn, Sabrina and the Ctrl M Health team for letting us interview them. We think that programs like Ctrl M Health represent the future of migraine care going forward, along with some of the other treatments that are becoming available.

If you’d like to learn more about Ctrl M Health, you can visit their website below:

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