I’m Grace – and I’m passionate about promoting innovation in migraine.

Migraine is one of the most prevalent health conditions, and is debilitating for many who live with it. Yet, the amount of research and funding of innovation in migraine is lacking compared to the enormous opportunity it represents. I am here to promote the innovation taking place in migraine as well as advocate for governments, institutions and companies to take migraine seriously as an area worth working in.

I have had chronic migraine for a number of years, and currently have my migraine attacks well controlled. Like many people with migraine, I tried several preventative medications, many acute medications, and countless other tools and therapies before I found something that worked well for me.

My hope is that one day, no one will have to lose days of their life to migraine attacks, but that starts with investing in research and development to make that dream a reality.

I am experienced in product management, pharmaceutical marketing and brand strategy and would be open to talking to teams who feel I might be able to assist them.